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Smiling faces and twinkling eyes: children jump for joy when they get a piece of chocolate. Though childlike enthusiasm fades slightly with the years, you can go on pleasing over and over again parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts with a sweet gift. Young and old still enjoy a piece of chocolate at Christmas, Saint Nicholas or Valentine’s Day. We take care of our handmade chocolate creations with great passion to illuminate your most beautiful parties or even your smallest gift.

Throughout the years Belgium is known as a true chocolate paradise all over the world. Our chocolate is an authentic Belgian product an a part of our wonderful tradition. In combination with the application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the obtained BRC-certificate we procure fresh and delicious chocolate of the highest quality. You can taste our craftsmanship in every bite.

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In our chocolate shop there reigns a family culture. Instead of a strict hierarchy between employees and employers we consciously choose for a workplace in which teamwork and mutual consultation are extremely important. People always take a central position and everyone’s expertise and experience are recognized. In this way we create a family atmosphere and we promote the communication between the different sections. This fluent co-operations guarantee a fast delivery.

Thanks to that mutual consultation we also can easily finish your personified orders.

As a company we take up our commitment to the world around us. We use renewable energy and heat recovery. Besides we offer an extensive line of delicious organic chocolate. In this way we take care of climate and nature.


ISM Cologne

Chocolate shop De Schutter takes part in the ISM trade fair in Cologne. At this fair producers of chocolate and other goodies come together to present their products.
In this way an overview is made of the worldwide range of sweets.
Our chocolate certainly deserves a place in this enormous range.

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